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second lightning farron icon pack! 24 in total, same rules as always: credit appreciated but not necessary. claim them as your own and i will find you.


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Here it is everyone! The first three parts of Luxerion (There’s a total of 5 and the other 2 are uploading at the moment). This is me playing through hard mode so some things are different. There’s no Snow Palace intro, a lot of canvas quests/hunt and gather quests are finished instantaneously as I have the items and I pretty much killing everything in two hits. Enjoy!

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Final Fantasy XIII Concept Art Revealed and Analysed by Devs - IGN

Take a peak at the concept art for the four main hubs and get a chance to see all the main character’s designs! 

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i carry the battle in me.

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You Can Expect The First 4 Parts Of My Lightning Returns Hard Mode Walkthrough Soon!

They’re uploading as we speak! 

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Hey Everyone!

Are you enjoying Lightning Returns? I sure am! I’ve 100% the game now and I will be posting the walkthrough starting late next week. If you have any requests on side quests or garb or weapon upgrades just send an ask! See you soon~